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Whatsapp Messages
Whatsapp Call Logs
Facebook Messenger Messages
Facebook Call Logs
Viber Messages & Call Logs
Yahoo Messenger
LINE Messages & Call Logs
Skype Messages & Call Logs
Kik Messenger
Instagram Direct Messages
Hike Messenger
Application Screenshots
SIM Changed Notification
Automatic Remote Updates
Location Tracking
SMS Mssages
Call Logs
Audio Files
Browsing Activity
Application Activity
Address Book
Wallpaper Images
Browser Bookmarks
Installed Applications
Free Updates
Phone Call Recording
Phone Call Interception
Environment Recording
Skype Call Recording
Facebook Call Recording
Viber Call Recording
Whatsapp Call Recording
LINE Call Recording
Hangout Call Recording
SMS Keyword Deletion
Spoof SMS

Premium Plan

Extreme Plan

You will receive complete setup instructions via email immediately after ordering.

If you are monitoring an Android device, some features are available on rooted devices only. You need physical access to the device to install Phone Spy Software.

Phone Spy Software runs on jailbroken iOS devices. You need physical access for installation.

We guarantee your
security and privacy

We don't collect or store any personal info of our clients and we never make it available to any third parties. Furthermore, Phone Spy Software adheres to active security policies that guarantee complete privacy by encrypting strictly confidential activity logs. If stealth and security are important to you, don't trust offshore copycats.

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